Henry Lambert

I am a materials scientist with a particular interest in applying computational techniques to understanding how the composition of a material at its atomic scale leads to its observable properties at the macroscopic scale. Essentially, I am interested in how particular arrangements of atoms lead to the electronic or elastic properties of a semiconductor or a piece of steel. I most recently worked on an EPSRC grant with Alessandro De Vita . We were part of a consortium (HEMS) which focused on fracture processes in hydrogen embrittled steels : a phenomenon of substantial interest to materials engineers. I produced a short outreach video highlighting some aspects of our research:

Before joining the HEMS grant I developed computational techniques for calculating the band gaps of semiconducting materials in Feliciano Giustino's group .

My overarching interests in materials science are density functional theory, electronic correlation and Haydock's recursion method. The latter provides an interesting link to fundamental techniques in computer science which I am always interested in exploring further. Most of the development work I have done is in Python, C, Fortran, and Haskell. Recently, If you are interested in any of these projects please don't hesitate to contact me.