IHP: Integrated Haskell Platform

IHP is an exciting new Web Framework written in Haskell. This is just a quick note detailing one quick way of getting the server up and running. It looks as if there will soon be a standard way of launching IHP projects on the web . The deployment scheme I used followed the recipe from this IHP github issue . I deployed on a t2.large Amazon EC2 instance. The amazon machine instance required: git, nginx, cachix, and nixos. The IHP installation docs details all of this. Check out your IHP project and from that directory run:

    cachix use digitally induced 
    make -B build/Generated/Types.hs
    make -B build/bin/RunUnoptimizedProdServer
Then to set the server running:

    sudo nginx
    postgres -D build/db/state -k $PWD/build/db -c "listen_addresses="&
    make run-production
Note this configuration is to be run from command line. If you wish to persist your service start postgres with pg_ctl and use systemd, or a process monitoring system of your choice, to run your IHP process. I set the application to run on a high port number (export PORT=5000 in .bashrc). Any (non-protected) port will do; just make sure the nginx.conf file corresponds to the correct number. Then add something like

    server {
        listen 80; # Incoming port for Nginx
        server_name *.amazonaws.com;
        location / {
            proxy_pass; # Reverse proxy to your app

to the http/server block of the nginx.conf file. Depending on installation this may be found in /etc/nginx/.