Notes and Teaching

Here is a small collection of writing and presentations on a variety of topics. These are in varying states of completion and correctness. Please contact me if you find any glaring errors. This page is updated periodically with new notes and modifications to old ones. Ultimately I would like some of these notes to become interactive. Any .svg file is probably not going to be rendered properly by your browser so probably better to download the linked file and open with a program like Inkscape.

Web Notes

Configuring Mac/Linux Environments collects some useful tips on using package managers, configuring ssh servers, configuring vimrc files, and common patterns in Git.

Web Frameworks and Servers contains some configurations notes on using apache2 servers for hosting flask applications,

The TensorFlow notes mainly deal with installation instructions and ways to build models with tf.contrib.learn. Also some early attempts I made to incorporate batch_normalization in a straightforward way. The package is rapidly evolving so those notes are probably already obsolete.

The Quaternions page is under construction but will be a condensed treatment of quaternions with some visualizations and web based tools to explore their application in rotations and special relativity. (Currently the page consists of a poem written by William Rowan Hamilton).

Also under construction is a little page on common sorting algorithms and data structures. There are some visualizations based on d3.js to try and understand them a little better.


Romulus Magazine: Thermodynamics and Arcadia.