Publications and Projects

Below are a list of publications of which I am an author or co-author.

Electronic Structure

The bulk of this work stems from research and software development I did in collaboration with and under the direction of Feliciano Giustino in the Materials Modelling Laboratory at Oxford.

Hydrogen Embrittlement of Steels

I am currently working at King's College in London under the direction of Alessandro De Vita with a focus on Hydrogen Embrittlement Processes in Steels . Here is some of the work we have produced so far:

The Imeall Grain Boundary Database

The bulk of my work at King's has been focused on developing a grain boundary database along with accompanying analysis tools. The code for the Imeall project can be found on github. Along with the project documentation . The webserver for the database can be accessed at . A preprint of our paper describing the framework is now available.

Here are some posters. If the browser doesn't render them properly just download the file and open with inkscape or any program that can read .svgfiles.